Labradoodle Puppy Care

Preparing for your family is an exciting moment! Follow this labradoodle puppy care guide to aid with this transition. A couple of things that you may want to get with you once you pick up your puppy really are a jar of water, a few baby wipes, plus a towel or a blanket.

If you’re meeting your puppy in the airport, your puppy could be thirsty in the excursion. We place a suspended dish of water in the crate, however it’s usually long gone by the time your puppy arrives. The wipes are wanted in the event the puppy may have soiled the crate. The towel or blanket also, in the event the puppy has soiled the crate, is for you to hold your puppy or to put in the crate.

Employing a Leash to Bond with Your Puppy

When your puppy first arrives to your home, we advise you to keep the puppy on a leash for the first couple of days. Do your very best to have the main caregiver be the primary person handling the leash.

In addition, we suggest you not have outside visitors to the house for the first couple of days. Give your puppy a while to adjust to her new family at first before she meets your world.

Your puppy will be somewhat confused at her new surroundings. She’s not utilized to being away from her “pack.” She has to find out where she fits in your loved ones, her new pack. From the beginning your puppy should learn that she is at the bottom, below even the youngest child. She wants to learn who her most important leaders are and what the boundaries are in her new residence. Having her on a leash will assist your family in doing this, even if you don’t keep the leash every moment.

Getting your puppy’s most important caregiver so close for a couple of days will help your puppy bond. Labradoodles are people loving dogs! Your puppy is going to want to bond. Your puppy is smart and will quickly learn that the individual attached at the opposite end of the leash is important to her. Your Labradoodle will look to you for example and comfort. She’ll learn that you’re her source of not only example and comfort, but also food! Employing the leash these first few days will help your new puppy learn who to trust and who to please.