Miniature Painting Tutorials

Following a short overview of the figures for this blog, then it seems that lots of visitors arrive here through relevancy-rank search engine. Judging in the search phrases they’re using, it’s apparent that lots of website visitors seek instructions along with advice about painting gaming miniatures.

Even though there’s a posting class for miniatures generally, it appears that adding a site specifically committed to assisting painters locate the info that they want would increase the usefulness of this website. For this end, these links are supplied, together with short descriptions of exactly what a customer can find there. To indicate a tutorial link record a neglected connection, please think about using the Contact Us page at the top right corner of the display to inform us.

Miniature Painting Tutorial Pages (Presented in alphabetical Sequence)

Black moor has a couple of tutorials and hints; its own handling of non-metallic steel for various colored alloys is very helpful.

Many believe the Cool Mini Or Not Web website in order to function as flagship of den of imagination website. The “Articles” section provides a selection of tutorials, mainly to attain highly special effects, and everyone is ranked based on the issue of this technique.

Corbania Prime offers an excellent tutorial about the best way best to sculpt capes and cloaks from “green materials” putty for tabletop miniatures.

Dr. Faust’s Painting Clinic is another popular destination for mini painting information. The majority of the tutorials appear geared toward particular problem areas, like painting eyes, gemstones, and flesh tones. The tutorial about removing old paint in miniatures is among the very useful on the internet.

The appropriately named is How-to-Paint-Miniatures. Comsite gives a very long list of tutorials which covers the fundamentals of mini painting particularly well.