What Is A Bernedoodle?

A Bernedoodle is a hybrid combination of a Standard Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog. It is an excellent paring due to the advantages to both strains.

The Bernese Mountain Dog originated in the place of Bern, Switzerland. Initially they were farm dogs across the Swiss Alps pulling carts working as watch dogs, and herding cows. Farmers Company working alongside them for centuries has been kept by them. Berner or the Bernese Mountain Dog is readily recognized by its own exquisite tri- colors of black, white, and rust symmetric markings. They can be big dogs, but have the dispositions that are most tender and patient. They LOVE to be folks that are near!

The down side of the dogs is that they’re really so big that lots of folks shy away from possessing them, they shed constantly, plus relatively short life spans live.

Now when you cross a Bernese Mountain Dog having a Standard Poodle you reduce their size, get a lower to none shedding coat, and since it’s a crossed you take pleasure in the advantage of ‘hybrid energy’ which means a healthier longer life than either of it purebred parents.

Bernedoodles are very similar to Goldendoodles in their fun-loving characters, patience, gentleness, and want for companionship. Their singularity is observed within their mark that was eye-catching! It is for these reasons we’re thrilled to add the Bernedoodle to our family of dogs!

Below are Attie, some pictures of our beloved Athena, or as we call her, as well as some of her first litter of F1 bernedoodle pups. She’s an absolutely delightful girl whose favorite thing in life is to get her belly rubbed! She is fast stealing the hearts and is really adorable.

Need To Adopt Husky Or A Pomsky?

Willing to meet with guy’s most adorable best friend? Rocky Ridge Pomskies have the best-bred pomsky for sale. Our dogs come from a home that is comfortable in a huge open kennel in the Rocky Mountains, where they roam freely and get a great deal of love and care from us. We are here to guide you in the event that you think you are willing to buy or adopt Husky pup or your very own Pomsky

Coming litters

We are excited to announce that we’ve got a fresh litter of Pomskies, prepared for adoption in July or June. Furthermore, we welcomed a fresh litter of Huskies! Additionally, prepared for adoption in July or June.

Nonstop breeding is unkind — so we do not do it. We love our dogs, so they are bred by us no more than once annually. It helps keepour females happy, healthy, and powerful, which makes for powerful, healthy, happy pups. Needless to say, that means there are just so many Rocky Ridge pups accessible at just about any particular time. That is the reason why we encourage anyone who wants toadopt a Pomsky pup to use early.

Measures to adoption

Please make use of the form on this particular page to tell us a little about yourself.

Soon following the pups are born, we will send you pictures of the proud parents and them.

Select the pup you would like.

Then, we request a deposit that is nonrefundable.

We are going to keep you advised about improvement and your pup’s growth.

We will request the balance due for your Pomsky when your pup is seven weeks old. Only at that point your account will probably be paid in full.

When pups are eight weeks old, they are sent by us to their new houses. We insist on using the Pet safe service of United. (This just isn’t a paid endorsement. We use United because we understand they pamper the creatures entrusted to their care.)