Searching For Outplacement Support?

Whether your employer has consented to finance outplacement assistance, or whether you’re paying for this service right, Personal Career Management possesses a variety of outplacement choices to help you in your transition into a new function.

You may know firsthand that coping with redundancy is particularly challenging. The practicalities of searching for a new occupation for example inventing a CV, preparing for interviews and growing your sales pitch to potential companies may be daunting. You could also be experiencing some mixed feelings concerning the redundancy procedure itself and the doubt ahead.

Our outplacement programs provide the psychological and practical support required for job search success in this tough time. Actually we go beyond traditional outplacement. We’ll take particular care to make certain that you approach your work search in a really clear and focused way, having researched your choices and made smart decisions concerning your next movement. Then you’ll receive specialist help in all facets of the way to get shortlisted and acquire the job offer.

What exactly do our outplacement programs demand?

All of our programs are tailored to fulfill your unique requirements. But, our programs typically involve working with one of our exceptionally experienced career coaches on the next:

Career review and investigation

* Assessing career capital, key skills, expertise etc.

* Undertaking psychometrics where proper

* Assessing career choices or other ways of functioning

* Creating informed decisions concerning next proceed

* Devising a practical career action plan for following project and beyond